1.1 The following interpretations shall be applied: The «COMPANY» means the «Ιn The Know S.M.P.C.», The «CLIENT» means the individual, business, company or corporation, to whom the Company offers the SERVICES provided by the present, according to the following terms and conditions, as agreed. The «AGREEMENT» means the present contract for the provision of services as well as any additional specific contract concluded between the parties. The «SERVICES» means any information, proposals, intermediations, including any additional actions required by the COMPANY to carry out the CLIENTS’ orders. The «FEE» means the sum agreed to be paid by the CLIENT to the COMPANY for the SERVICES offered to it.

1.2 The COMPANY has always the right to either modify or review the present terms without a previous notification of the CLIENT.

1.3 COMPANY’S working hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to19:00pm. Based on a special agreement with the CLIENT, an additional fee will be charged by the COMPANY for any SERVICES offered to the CLIENT beyond working hours. The CLIENT will be previously notified on the said additional charge either in writing or orally. The CLIENT can also communicate with either a representative or an authorized employee of the COMPANY beyond working hours by (landline & mobile) phone, fax or e-mail, as the case may be. The COMPANY will reply to all CLIENT messages the soonest possible. The COMPANY offers a 24/7 phone service, only after a special agreement with the CLIENT.



2.1 The COMPANY offers its SERVICES to the CLIENT according to the terms and conditions of the present or any other terms specifically agreed by the COMPANY and the CLIENT.

2.2 Based on the agreement for the provision of services, the CLIENT is eligible to ask the COMPANY for any information or proposal related to its personal needs or desires (including events, activities, venues, products and services). The COMPANY denies providing any services, considered as immoral or illegal or beyond its objectives.

2.3 The COMPANY has no responsibility against the CLIENT for any application, which cannot be satisfied by it.

2.4 The COMPANY will correspond to any application of the CLIENT within a reasonable time and it will provide any information, proposals and solutions corresponding to the CLIENTS’ requests.

2.5 If the COMPANY is not able to satisfy any request, it will notify the CLIENT the soonest possible.

2.6 The COMPANY has no responsibility for any proposed services or products offered by third parties based on the agreement for the provision of services, and the CLIENTS strictly release it from any responsibility after the undertaking of its Service provision.


3. FEE.

3.1 Without prejudice to any special terms agreed by the parties, the CLIENT has to pay a fee to the COMPANY including any additional amounts concluded between the COMPANY and the CLIENT for the provision of the required services. The COMPANY has always the right to review the Fee.

3.2 If an annual member subscription is agreed, the latter can be always reviewed and it will be valid for the year following the date of the contract renewal, unless otherwise agreed between the COMPANY and the CLIENT.

3.3 The COMPANY has the right to invoice the CLIENT after a SERVICE provision or assignation or at any time, agreed with the CLIENT.

3.4 All Payments to the COMPANY related to the offered SERVICES will be made by cheque in Euros in Greece or by bank transfer or by credit or debit card. The COMPANY has the right to charge the CLIENT with all bank fees related to the payment.

3.5 All fees will be charged with the corresponding legal duties and taxes.

3.6 The FEE including any additional amount due, has to be paid by the CLIENT before or within 10 days from the date of issue of the COMPANY’s invoice. The COMPANY has the right to ask for a guarantee or an advance payment for the provision of its services; if the CLIENT denies the provision of Services the money will not be returned to it.

3.7 In case of a payment delay, the corresponding invoice will be charged with the statutory interest starting the day after the expiration date of the invoice.



4.1 The SERVICES are offered by the COMPANY to the Clients; any improper, immoral and illegal use of them, including any use not related to the objective communicated by the CLIENT to the COMPANY, at the time of the original application, is strictly prohibited.

4.2 The CLIENT has to promptly inform the COMPANY on any third party who will be both benefited by its Services and it is neither reported by the CLIENT nor included to the Contract. The COMPANY has the right to deny offering any service to third parties without being required to give any reason thereof.

4.3 If the CLIENT offers any credit facilities related to credit cards or/and for the provision of services to the COMPANY, then, after the submission of the relevant application, the CLIENT has to deliver promptly a written authorization to the COMPANY to use the relevant credit facilities.

4.4 The CLIENT both acknowledges and agrees that the COMPANY and its representatives or employees will have no responsibility for the use of the credit card or/and other credit facilities of the CLIENT provided that the COMPANY complies with the instructions given by the CLIENT related to its use.



5.1 The COMPANY will be exclusively responsible only for any of its services related to fraud and gross negligence.

5.2. The COMPANY is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, cost, expense or loss occurred by the provision of any products or services by third parties. The COMPANY undertakes to offer proposals to the CLIENT which are accepted by it at its own responsibility.

5.3. The COMPANY is not responsible for any delay or omission related to the carrying out of any SERVICES, provided that either the delay or omission is related to reasons and events beyond its control or due to force majeure or emergency.



6.1 All information collected by the COMPANY and related to the CLIENT are confidential and, unless otherwise provided by the law, the COMPANY is not allowed to disclose to third parties any information related to the CLIENT without a previous written consent issued by the latter. The said prohibition will not be valid within the framework of the Services assigned by the CLIENT to the COMPANY and related to the carrying out of an order, provided that it agrees by the present on any use of information.

6.2 After a written application, the CLIENT is eligible to become aware or modify or delete any personal data or information acquired by the COMPANY related to it.



7.1 The present terms and requirements form the complete written agreement between the contracting parties, which replaces any previous agreement or communication and it cannot be modified unless a new written agreement is executed between them which strictly annuls it.

7.2 Any notification required or permitted to be delivered by either party, according to the present requirements, has to be in a written form and will be sent to either the e-mail or fax or postal address stated at the beginning of the cooperation. Any notification can be sent by e-mail or fax.

7.3 The omission or delay to exercise any of the rights included to the present contract by the COMPANY, cannot be interpreted as a resignation from its rights.

7.4 Both the terms of the present and the contract, to which they are related, are governed and construed according to the Greek law and it is explicitly agreed that the Courts of Athens are competent to judge any dispute.

7.5 The undertaking of any Service provision by the CLIENT forms an unconditional acceptance of the above terms; the latter both accepts them and accedes to them.