Our Statement

In The Know, Concierge Services Athens is an award-winning concierge service based in Athens, Greece.

Our company provides a unique lifestyle management service specializing in creating tailor-made experiences pinned in memory.

Our expertise lies in designing and producing high-quality, sophisticated and flexible concepts to enrich our bespoke arts-based itineraries for travelers, hoarders of the exceptional and ideal who embrace, discover, and immerse themselves in the entire experience of the culture, people and settings of the places they visit.

To us, true travel is nothing short of a brief crusade to embrace the Other. Space is a fixed dimension, and places are bound to be there for at least a couple more centuries. What really forges the precious memories you’ll cherish for life is your contact with the locals and their cultural baggage. The good times and the occasional mishap; these unique, hand-made jigsaw pieces of your own personal journey.

We focus on presenting the most contemporary aspects of visiting Greece. Our mission is to promote and support contemporary Greek artists and designers and show the world that Athens is one of the most vibrant cities regarding cultural explorations, the arts, local & international gastronomy, good living and wellness.

Furthermore, In The Know creates and delivers art – based itineraries for companies’ and organizations’ partners and clients who visit Greece. Additionally, we design activities inspired by the arts, modern architecture and contemporary design as a pathway to explore non-art topics such as leadership and management in business that aim at giving employees meaning, recognition and motivation by boosting their creativity.