In The Know Athens provides uniquely designed activities regarding alternative getaways. An annual off-site trip encourages your team to get to know each other and interact freely in a non-business environment. You have time to relax and enjoy each other's company and this step is key to deepening relationships. Moreover, travelling together creates opportunities for team members to let off some steam together, recharge their morale and boosts productivity.

Furthermore, we enrich your relaxing getaway with the lifetime experience of participating in the production of local products. Your team members have the chance to visit traditional workshops and learn the secrets of craftsmen's art. Changing roles and overcoming the hierarchical structure and corporate organizational barriers allows the team to enjoy the role storming process and lose their inhibitions by adopting another character.

Besides, this activity will help them explore different perspectives and opinions, open their minds to different viewpoints and come up with new ideas in the process. The participants discover that diversity is their greatest asset and trust, cooperation and effective communication are the key to a team's success.


Group size : 4 - 12 p
Time needed : 1-2 days
Space : both indoor & outdoor
Language : English