In The Know crew introduces an enlightening and informative space - related team event. Our 2018 : A Space Odyssey in Athens is an inspiring bespoke event that presents the nearly two century long history of astronomy and aims at informing and educating on astronomy related topics. Your team will have the chance to get an insight into the cultural, social, economic and scientific context within which astronomy in Greece flourished. During our visit to one of the best astronomy centres in Athens, your team members will be introduced to values and principles that encourage collaboration and co-creation, ensuring trusting and activating creativity and resourcefulness. Our tailor-made program will help your team improve their creative thinking and innovation skills while bouncing ideas off others. After all, you will get to know the work of people who loved what they did and aspired to make a difference in the world in a creative and innovative way.


Our solar plexus is to Gastronomy what the sun is to Astronomy. According to Hinduism our solar plexus is the core of our personality, our identity, our will power. Science defines sun as the star at the centre of the Solar system that constitutes the most important source of motion and energy for life. Therefore , our experts complete your Space Odyssey in Athens with a post-visit dinner that provides a great opportunity for your team members to get to know to each other, let off some steam together, recharge their morale and boost creativity.


Group size :  4 - 12 p
Time needed :  5 hours
Space : indoors
Language : English