Where The Sun Sets | Wondrous Colours Rise



Light constitutes the source of life, power and inspiration. It falls on the light-sensitive cells of the retina and transforms the eye from a collection of tissues into a peacemaker between the mystic light signals and individuals. However, the eye is not the only sense organ reacting to light. Human skin is transparent to those tiny photons that cross our outer covering and increase our vital heat by touching our delicate vessels.

The euphoric sensation of experiencing those shiny moments on a Sunday afternoon, makes Athenians shiver with pleasure. There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee and an interesting reading as the sun sets, and wondrous colors rise.

One of the most alluring locations to admire the famous Greek sunset in Athens is Kolonaki area located on the southern slopes of Mount Lycabettus. The city’s up-market neighborhood cherishes its charming vibes through the years.

The journey to the perfect sunset – gazing experience commences at Lycabettus Hill. The city’s highest peak is surrounded by cypresses and pine trees and offers breath-taking views of the Athenian landscape. The 19th century Chapel of St. George and the once-renowned Lycabettus open-air theatre, at which Chuck Berry, father of rock n’ roll and jazz legend Ray Charles had performed in the past, are the highlights of this enlightening adventure.

On our way down, on our right, we encounter the recently renovated building One Athens, a typical example of Greek modern architecture. Now used as a residence, the building used to be the school of design run by the world-famous architect C. A. Doxiadis.


After all, Kolonaki is an artistic area that inspires not only its residents but also passersby who search for a sophisticated touch of elegance in their daily routine. La crème de la crème of the contemporary art scene in Athens is being showcased in its galleries and art spaces. Imagine as part of a ritual the beautiful light and colors of sunset touching a piece of art, completing its transcendent journey.

At the core of Kolonaki lies the Museum of Cycladic Art. The dazzling light of the Aegean sun floods its premises. The museum not only maintains one of the largest and most complete collections of Cycladic antiquities in the world, but also hosts significant contemporary art exhibitions and major art events.


Words | IN THE KNOW Team | Images | © Ellie Tsatsou Studio for IN THE KNOW