Studio Visit | Christina Economou



Design shapes the context in which we live and create. It is not only about colors, textures and patterns, but it is also about aesthetics, behavior, sentiment and allure.

The skins we are living in, our attires express our aesthetic perceptions of reality and constitute elements of identities constructed and experienced through the practice of choosing.

After all, everything in life is a matter of choice.

We choose what to wear, our nutrition, the way we form the spaces we live in, and those choices are cultural, social and political. Innovation and non conformity are the key aspects of creative thinking, which encourages ideas that have resulted in manifestos, movements and even revolutions.

A strong sense of community and collective energy portray the new wave of Greek design.

Established and up-coming Greek designers are celebrated for their offbeat designs and their devotion to slow fashion movement values, which encourage fine artistry and co-creation by ensuring sustainability, high-quality production, and resourcefulness.

A fine example of how local resources can be transformed into high-fashion creations is Athens – based Christina Economou contemporary luxury brand, which have gained great recognition far beyond Greece’s boarders.


Christina Economou’s ethereal and forward-looking designs, combined with the unique sensation of touching the exquisite silk textiles produced in the town of Soufli in Northern Greece, bring back emotions and drama of another era.

The evocative power of the fabric, the intense patterns, the irregular natural details and structures of her statement pieces prove that Economou steps out of her comfort zone and connects deeply with her clientele’s desires and needs through her art.


Young Greek designers are driven from their cultural background and inspired by their contemporaries. Their artistry might have its origins in Greek weaving tradition, but contemporary art & modern architectures trends and tendencies are reflected in their designs.

They love what they do, and aspire to make a difference in the world in a creative and innovative way. It goes beyond fashion to empower people to slow down, enjoy brief euphoric moments, achieve self-consciousness, raise awareness,  and then continue the magnificent journey of co-creation and co-existence.


Special Thanks to Cristina Economou | In The Know Design Studio Visit

Photos © Ellie Tsatsou Studio for INTHEKNOW, 2017